Top 3 tips For Choosing Your Kid's Dentist

Sometimes kids need a better fit

Finding the right dentist for your child’s dental experience is a critical part of making sure he/she has positive early experiences and outlook towards their oral health for the rest of their life. This selection process has been made so much easier with access to google searches, online review sites, and the internet.

In fact, there are typically so many options out there, that it can be a bit overwhelming when deciding which dentist to select for your child.

It's important to find the right fit when choosing your kid's dentist

Here are 3 tips to help you choose the best dentist for your child:

1- Choose a Pediatric Dentist over a General ( or Family) Dentist: 

In the same way that you would choose a pediatrician rather than a general doctor for your child. There is a big difference between a pediatric dentist who has gathered years of additional training in specializing in caring for kids and has the experience to help your child with what they may need a lot more than a typical general dentist.

2- Choose a Board Certified Doctor: 

Board certification is the highest formal education level in pediatric dentistry. Choosing a Board Certified pediatric dentist is an easy way for you to know and verify that your pediatric dentist keeps their academic skills sharp and is certified to care for your child.

3- Choose an Office with Experienced Staff and Technologies: 

Most children will have some degree of anxiety in a new environment. A dentist that has experienced pediatric-trained staff: patience, friendliness and child-specific techniques. Along with the proper technologies: more comfortable dental chairs, smaller tools for smaller mouths, prizes/games, lowest radiation x rays, laser etc… Can make the difference between a child being traumatized or having a positive experience.  Online reviews/reputation can help you look for a  dentist and team who are experienced in taking care of anxious children and handling difficult situations.  

Top 3 Tips For Choosing Your Kid's Dentist

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Finding the best dentist for your child can be a little intimidating, however, taking the time to research and find an office that has the training, resources and passion for your child is important. Considering these tips, your child will get the quality of care they deserve and be well on their way for a lifetime of confident, healthy smiles. 

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