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what is the best toddler toothpaste

What is the best toddler toothpaste?

We get this question from parents all the time: “Dr  J what kind of toothpaste should my toddler be using?” or “which toddler toothpaste is the best?” The short answer is none. In this article we will explain why and give you tips and ideas of what to use for your toddler’s brushing habits.

We will start by distinguishing the differences between kids toothpaste and what may be called a “toddler” or “trainer” toothpaste. A toddler or trainer type toothpaste are basically the exact same product. They are designed to be used by children who may swallow toothpaste.

A kids toothpaste contains fluoride and advises children not to swallow the toothpaste.

Toddler or Trainer toothpaste?

We do not recommend using either toddler or trainer toothpaste for your young child. And we will explain why that is not a doctor’s recommended choice for your toddler.

Firstly, you will notice that different products will market for 3-24 months while others are marketed for to 3-4 years of age. That difference in age grouping, can be quite confusing. Secondly, the products tend to give the impression that they are natural products and/or are free of sugar, color etc… But what they do not tell you know is what benefits they have for your child. To find out if there are any benefits, you want to look for their “active ingredient”. If you try to find an active ingredient in any of these products you won’t find one.

Trainer or “Toddler” toothpastes have ZERO active ingredients in them

Consider this, you’re giving your 6- or 12-month-old something that tastes good, but that has no benefit to them or their teeth. What the “Trainer” toothpaste is programming your child to think that toothbrush time is “lollipop” time, since it’s only benefit is that it tastes good. When you’re brushing your toddler’s teeth, you want to be training them that toothbrush time is a focused time to stay still, and open wide so that you can see what you need to and remove any plaque effectively.

We know that it can be challenging to remove plaque on a young child’s teeth and we have a video that gives you tips and ideas on how to help you, you can find it here.

In short, we do not recommend using Trainer toothpaste, click here for our suggestions on what type of toothpaste to use for your child.