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best electric toothbrush for kids

Best Electric toothbrush for kids

Tooth brushing is all about technique. And let’s be honest, an electric toothbrush can help you master and define the technique pretty well. Although there are different kinds of electric toothbrushes.

In this article we will explain what the differences are and what is important to look out for when choosing an electric toothbrush for kids.

The two most popular electric toothbrushes are Oral-B and Sonicare. They are both great products and they have some variations between the products. In addition, they each have an electric toothbrush for kids. Oral-B’s version for kids has a picture of Olaf, which is pretty popular.

The most important component to look out for when choosing an electric toothbrush for kids is the shape and size of the toothbrush head. The base of the electric toothbrush is not as important as the head of the toothbrush. Look for a toothbrush head that is relatively small. For the toothbrush to be effective you need a kid-size brush head. Children have less space between their back molars and jaws, so a standard-size or larger toothbrush head would have more difficulty reaching the crevices.

If you look at the two products mentioned above, the Oral-B version has a much smaller toothbrush head size then its rival Philips. A smaller toothbrush head allows you to maneuver around a child’s smaller mouth more effectively.

Electric toothbrushes remove 21% more plaque than a manual toothbrush

Electric versus manual toothbrush?

There is a different sensation and pattern of movement between the various types of electric toothbrushes. For example, the battery-operated products, not only have a larger toothbrush head. But the part that moves, instead of oscillating rapidly, tends to just move back and forth, at a pretty slow pace. Which doesn’t seem that it could actually remove plaque effectively. These types of toothbrushes, do come with a variety of different characters and colors, which are real fun for kids. And that is a big plus, since it encourages children to brush their teeth.

The Oral-B and Sonicare each have their own set of features. For example, Sonicare has an interactive app and Oral-B has its Bluetooth version. Although those features aren’t always the selling point since they do have their connectivity issues. 

After testing each of the electric toothbrushes for kids, we’ve found that Oral-B is the better choice for an electric toothbrush. When taking into consideration the features, effectiveness, and price point.

If you have more questions on deciding whether you should use an electric toothbrush for your child. Or perhaps you would like some techniques and/or tips on brushing for your child, please call us to schedule an appointment.

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